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Our flagship product, LTrack4 is our professional licensing application.



LTrack4 is installed on-site, behind the firewall and includes tamper detection as a standard feature.


LTrack4 uses standard-issue software and can be installed on existing computers on any network.


LTrack4 has been developed over the past decade to cover all aspects of license management.


LTrack4 is priced to ensure that value is never in question and budgetary conversations are easy.


The information in LTrack can be used to facilitate and automate much of the manual processes that tie up so much time for today’s agency staff. Read below to learn more.

We synchronize pertinent, non-sensitive data to the web for the facilitation of searching on all current licensees, thus dramatically reducing the amount of phone calls and email requests for the same information. We provide a unique URL that can easily be incorporated into the agency’s website.

When it’s time for a licensee to renew, we ensure there’s an online method by synchronizing the needed data from LTrack to the web as well as provide a secure payment gateway that feeds back into LTrack to ensure there’s a closed loop to the renewal process.

We give licensees a way to capture their Continuing Education (CE) credits online and then synchronize that data back in to LTrack. That information can then be verified and used during the renewal process to ensure compliance.


Our desire is to help our clients not only add efficiency and structure to the licensing process, but become a trusted partner in the day-to-day business.


An agency’s website is their public face to both their licensees and to the rest of the state. We check for things like mobile friendliness, user experience, site speed/load times, outdated information and can provide services that range from content consultation to full site redesign. If a site redesign is in order, rest assured that we utilize the latest technology and our sites are both mobile ready and blazing fast.


And for those areas that fall outside of the standard LTrack4 offering, we have over 45 years of combined IT experience and can help diagnose and stand in the gap for a wide range of pain points. And of course, LTrack can be customized as well, which will be covered during the initial meeting.

We believe in the power of systems and standards, fair and upfront pricing, and technical transparency.


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